Welding Alloys Group

Welding Alloys Group produces more than 300 types of flux cored wires and equipment for automatic and semi-automatic welding and surfacing.

Founded in 1966 in the vicinity of Cambridge (England), Welding Alloys Ltd nowadays carries on business in more than 150 countries of the world, it has 30 affiliated companies all over the world (Belgium, France, USA, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Argentine, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China, Japan, etc), 25 of them have their own Integra service centers, which render services in restoration and surface hardening of parts and assemblies by surfacing method.

10 factories all over the world manufacture the company's products. Welding wires are produced with the diameter from 1.0 mm to 5.00 mm on the basis of iron, cobalt, nickel and copper alloys, for open arc welding and surfacing (with self-shielded flux cored wire), in shielding gas environment, beneath a layer of flux and for plasma welding. Besides, a certain range of wires is produced for electric arc and gas-flame spraying.

The company has been producing welding equipment starting from the 70s of the 20th century. For today more than 2,000 automatic welding and surfacing facilities were put into service.

One of the key branches of Welding Alloys Group's activity is restoration and surface hardening of parts and assemblies, which are used in metallurgy and steel industry (rolls for rolling mills, rollers for continuous steel casting machines, etc). The company has been engaged in this activity for more than 25 years, during this time it has developed and implemented many specific alloys, technologies and equipment, which are used all over the world and allow to restore technical parameters of the parts up to a "new part" or "better than a new part" condition.

"NKZM" CJSC (Ukraine), Voest Alpine (Austria), Corus (former British Steel - United Kingdom), ABB (USA), Krupp Polysius (Germany), Mannesmann (Germany and Brazil), GEC Alsthom (France, USA and Brazil), F.L. Smidth (transnational), Loesche (transnational) and many other famous companies are among the clients of WA.

Welding Alloys Group, using its Integra Service Centre divisions, also carries out restoration and surfacing of worn-out parts and assemblies for such branches of industry as coal, oil and gas, electric power, mining, cement and shipbuilding industry. Rendering of a full spectrum of services is carried out directly at a customer's site or at the enterprises of Integra Service Centre.



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