"ITAVA STAR" LLC has been successfully working in the market of welding materials since the year of 2001. This is a dynamically developing enterprise, which implements a systematic approach for promoting and selling the brand-new welding materials. A high quality of the products offered, modern technologies, favorable prices and supply conditions enabled the company to gain regular customers both in the Russian market and in ex-Soviet states. ;

In conjunction with "NPF "Elna" LLC and the Electrical Welding Institute Named After ?.?. Paton (Kyiv, Ukraine), "ITAVA STAR" LLC specializes in developing, production and implementation of flux cored wires for restoration of worn-out equipment.

The company is an official distributor of Welding Alloys Group (United Kingdom) and Trafilerie di Cittadella – Fileur (Italy).

"ITAVA STAR" LLC is the only exclusive distributor of Hyundai Welding Co. LTD (South Korea) on the territory of Russian Federation. Hyundai Welding Co. LTD together with Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Motors and others is one of the divisions of Hyundai Business Group, the corporation, which unites dozens of enterprises, hundreds of offices and thousands of employees all over the world and is the world leader in production of welding materials designed for the use in various branches of industry from manufacturing of metal structures to building of nuclear reactors.


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  • E-mail: info@elna.com.ua