Restoration of Parts

"NPF "ELNA" LLC renders services in surfacing of rotary bodies with the maximum diameter up to 250 mm and total length up to 800 mm, weight from 0.1 to 15 tons, also we perform a surfacing of small-sized parts with different shape from chrome cast iron, aluminum, copper and stainless alloys

The use of a hardening surfacing increases the wear resistance of parts subjected to:

  • severe impact or high contact pressure.
  • abrasive wear, metal-to-metal friction.
  • cyclic and thermal impact.
  • corrosion and cavitation erosion, etc.

We perform works in surfacing of:

  • Cement plant equipment (grinding table segments, rolls of coal and raw material mills)
  • CC machine rollers, rolls, crankshafts
  • Agricultural machine parts



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  • E-mail: info@elna.com.ua