Wire Production From Powder

"NPF "ELNA" LLC renders services in producing flux cored wires.

Diameters are 1,6; 1,8 ;2,0, 2,4 3,0 mm.

They have a tubular structure.

The wire production from powder by forming a cold-rolled metal strip into the assigned profile with simultaneous charge loading and further drawing of a workpiece obtained.

The company renders services in producing wires, surfacing and welding flux cored wires in accordance with GOST 26271-84 and GOST 26101-84 as per performance specification of the customer.

Correct Production of Wire

The production of this material faced considerable changes. They started to use wire quite a long time ago. As soon as man discovered copper, little by little he began to use it for many purposes. Of course, the modern process of creating wire differs from the initial one. The things, which earlier seemed impossible, are widely used nowadays. Thanks to statistical control of wire production process, we have managed to improve a copper product. The wire production is carried out by forming a cold-rolled metal strip. All this is sent to the assigned profile with simultaneous charge loading. The only issue which remains is the further drawing of a workpiece obtained. The wire diameters fluctuate, that is why it is possible to choose the one, which is necessary for this or that product. If you need wire, you can contact us. Our company would be happy to render you a service in wire production. All our products are characterized by excellent quality, acceptable prices and long operation term.

Everything complies with GOST and world quality standards. You can be sure in the product you purchase. With such a wire any welding will be strong and durable.



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